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until March, 3

Mercati di Traiano Museo dei Fori Imperiali – Via IV Novembre 94
Tel. 06 0608  |  

Gerard Gutruf presents all the visitors with a fascinating voyage into Ancient (as well as contemporary) Rome’s most emblematic symbol. The exhibition is the spontaneous development of the 2013 project displayed in the Italian Cultural Institute of Wien, pivotal to Rome’s exhibit.
Trajan’s Market archaeological complex, with its massive imperial age clay-brick architectures, offers the perfect frame for the artistic production of the Austrian artist and his forty-year long devotion for the Colosseum, portrayed from multiple, all-contemporary perspectives by the means of watercolors, mezzotints, prints, Indian inks and oil paintings. In 1970, a twenty-six year-old Gutruf arrived in Rome with a government of Austria scholarship, and was immediately struck by the Colosseum, in his beloving eyes the very embodiment of the eternal city.
The exhibition starts with a huge installation in the Grand Hall, to find full development along the corridors and the rooms of the central portion of the market, where thirty-two graphic works – in various techniques and of different sizes – establish an almost physical connection with the architectures and the marble statues of Augustus’ Forum.  The expositive path not only develops a stimulating dialogue with the bimillennial works of art hosted in the museum, but further stresses the modernity of Roman antiquities – universally symbolized by the Colosseum – common denominator of European cultural heritage. On the occasion of the exhibition, a series of meetings aimed at the in-depht analysis of various topics are scheduled every Tuesday.
“Tuesdays by Trajan” will reveal the functioning of arena’s undergrounds, the extraordinary botanical species discovered during the excavations, what happened following the Imperial Age, who the gladiators  really were and what amphitheaters meant for the cities of Roman Foundation.

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