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cocktail bars and vintage shopping in the historic heart of Rome

Via del Governo Vecchio is one of the few Roman streets that have not been contaminated by the world’s most preeminent names in apparel and fashion. It owes its name to Pope Benedict XIV (1675-1758) who moved the seat of the Governorate from Palazzo Nardini to Palazzo Madama. Today it’s a favorite destination for fashionistas and trendsetters looking for a multitude of vintage clothing stores, artisan shops and super-trendy cafés. Here are some tips on where to shop and what to buy (suggested by visitors):

CINZIA VESTITI USATI – VINTAGE CLOTHING STORE: a small chest of wonders from the past. The unusual mix of garments and accessories from the 50s, 60s and 70s and the combination of different styles and eras are the peculiarity of this eclectic store which, since 1980, has bewitched generations of people united by passion for fashion, music and life.

Address: via del Governo Vecchio, 45 – Tel. 06 6832945  |  

OMERO & CECILIA – SECOND HAND & OLD STUFFan authentic institution where you can always go for military shirts, Church shoes and soft Pringle or Ballantyne cashmeres. The shop, founded in 1976, has become a mecca for vintage addicts aware that objects, just like people, have their own personal history.

Address: via del Governo Vecchio, 110 – Tel. 06 6833506  |

JOSEPHINE DE HUERTAS & CO: a sophisticated French touch for a young and stylish woman. In the heart of ancient Rome, this boutique welcome customers in a romantic space painted with soft pastel colors. The two owners, Josephine – French – and Mauro – Italian – personally choose the collections for the high quality of fabrics and prints, offering the best of international and Italian brands.

Address: via del Governo Vecchio, 68 – Tel. 06 6876586  |  

ANTICHITA’ CARNOVALE LUXURY VINTAGE: Purveyors of fine art and luxury vintage items since 1955. With over half century of experience in antique trading, this shop is a trusted resource for buying and selling authentic antiques and pre-loved luxury designer products from Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Celine, Chloe, Prada, Fendi, Balenciaga, Cartier, Buccellati and more. From antiques to jewellery to gently loved designer handbags and accessories, all the items have undergone a rigorous authentication process.

Address: via del Governo Vecchio, 71 – Tel. 06 6864850  |  

TÈ E TEIERE: the name immediately unveils the essence of this shop. A wide range of teapots, cups and handmade trays adorn the shelves of the store: from the gongfu cha to tea party, different worlds come together in a unique environment where you can breathe the fragrance notes released from the red jars containing precious blends. More than 140 specialty teas have been selected thanks to a continuous search for quality: white, green and black teas, wulong, pu er, infusions with no caffeine and exclusive blends created by Alessandra and Tiziana Celi.

Address: via dei Banchi Nuovi, 37 (a few steps from Via del Governo Vecchio) – Tel. 06 6868824  |    

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