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Until January, 6 2020

Colosseo – piazza del Colosseo. Full price€ 24.00, reduced € 22.00. 

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Flavian Amphitheater night tours are now enriched by new innovative forms of multimedia narration. The 2019 edition special evening visit to the underground passages, galleries and internal arcades of the Colosseum, is further enhanced by the application of digital technologies to the field of archeology, offering an extraordinary means of understanding cultural heritage and bringing the public closer to history.
On the arena floor – after having crossed the second order and discovered the cavities of the underground – there is a projection that, through the dream of a glorious champion on the eve of the fight, recalls the exploits of the most talented gladiators.
Multimedia supports are inserted in many stages of the visit, displaying flashes of light, shadows, projections and voices, reinforcing, through an emotional experience, the scientific and educational information about one of the most visited ancient monument in the world
The nocturnal and quiet magic of the place develops along a 75’-long path combining history and special projections created by StudioAzzurro. Ancient and remote sounds, like cymbals and lutes, welcome the first steps of the visitor moving towards the Colosseum’s second order to enjoy the extraordinary view of the Arch of Constantine and the colonnade of the Temple of Venus and Rome.
The story of the monument is interspersed with video installations with the testimonies left by emblematic figures of the past: Martial, Cassius Dio, Saint Augustine, Artemidorus. The images, the voices and the sounds are activated by visitors’ passage, and anticipate the final projection. In the very bowels of the Roman monument the operation of the technical apparatus allowing the lifting of men and animals from the underground to the arena is explained. Like Chinese shadows, the figures that populated these spaces appear almost by magic on the ancient walls: wild beasts, exotic animals and gladiators.
Climbed onto the arena, right where shows and bloody battles used to take place, the curtain opens on “The Dream of the Gladiator “. Projected on three large veils, the images stage the night before the games together with the fantastic, but very human recollection of the thoughts of a fighter waiting to take up arms and challenge fate. The same fate shared by Carpophorus, Diodorus and Demetrius, famous gladiators whose grandiose deeds are narrated by ancient sources.

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