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The Imperial Forums come alive with a new season of multimedia shows

A unusual walk through the Imperial Forums, with two different stories and itineraries to be enjoyed as distinct events on two separate evenings or as a single experience on the same evening. The project, started in 2014, brings visitors into direct contact with the history of Ancient Rome: thanks to a state-of-the-art multi-language audio system (available in Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German and Chinese), spectators will hear a commentary by Piero Angela and see some amazing videos and reconstructions that show places as they looked in the time of the Roman Emperors.

The narration creatively uses the remains of the Forum of Augustus to try to let the stones “speak” for themselves: besides the faithful reconstruction of the area, the story focuses on the figure of the Emperor, whose giant statue dominated the area next to the temple. A new period of Roman history started under Augustus: as a matter of fact the Imperial Age was one of great achievement, within a century Rome ruled over an empire which extended from current England to the borders of the modern Iraq, including most of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. These achievements led to the expansion not only of the empire, but also of culture, technologies, legal rules, art.

The event also includes a travelling show at the Forum of Caesar, reachable through an underground tunnel. The visit starts from the remains of the majestic Temple of Venus, built by Julius Caesar after his victory over Pompey, to lead the spectators into the excitement of the daily life in Ancient Rome, when officials, plebeians, militaries, matrons, consuls and senators strolled under the arches of the Forum.

The new season of multimedia shows will start on April 13 through November 12, 2017. Full price ticket for a single show € 15,00 – Combo ticket € 25,00

Check in Rome - a project by Markonet in cooperation with Aeroporti di Roma and Codacons | director: Stefano Zerbi