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Until November, 6

Stadio di Domiziano – via di Tor Sanguigna, 3 (Piazza Navona)

Tel. 06 99695922 |

From May, 6 the magnificent Stadium of Domitian in Rome will host the exhibition “The art of non-violent love in ancient Rome”, a “path” through eroticism, as told by the exquisite works of art of the MANN – National Archaeological Museum of Naples.
A path adventuring beyond the simple concept of “sex”, and embracing all the facets through which ancient art, by the means of its masterpieces, described femininity, sensuality, and passion – the deepest human impulse – and the sweetness of affectivity. The exhibition moves along a double track: visitors can closely observe some precious authentic finds made available by the MANN – National Archaeological Museum of Naples, and linger on life-size, highly truthful images of additional erotic-themed works of art with – reproduced by the means of innovative 3D techniques – conjugating sensations very similar to those of a real visit with an improved perception for a unique visual and sensorial experience.
The distinctive characteristic of the images is, in fact, the three-dimensionality, which normally does not belong to traditional photography, but here perceived by the observer by the means of relief and depth, perfectly perceivable without the aid of glasses or other supports.
“The art of non-violent love in Ancient Rome” – a project realized by Codacons, with the collaboration of Siipac Lazio and Mann, and the contribution of the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council – is not only a real journey in sexuality, but also represents a didactic and highly formative experience: the exhibition will open its door to middle and high schools from all over Italy to explain to students, with the help of psychologists and experts, the intimate relationship between affectivity and sex, integrating psychology with art and thus unveiling to youngsters a new and different point of view on love, eroticism and sensuality, and fighting the phenomena of bullying and violence against women, unfortunately constantly growing in Italy. Free admission upon reservation for accreditation.



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