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Rome, an eternal charm that needs to be rediscovered. A message from Adriano Meloni

I put myself in the shoes of a tourist who visits our city for the very first time: he is about to discover a millennial history and an unprecedented beauty ranging from “the majesty of the Colosseum” to the immensity of the St. Peter’s Dome, from the charm of the museums, churches and antique masterpieces to the Tiber river crossed by its bridges.

It is only a small step from the last rung of the plane’s ladder to the great beauty of Rome. This is a fascinating journey, which projects the visitor in the historic alleys of the city, looking for good restaurants where the Roman cuisine is celebrated with traditional flavors and new experimentations from the chefs. It takes him straight in the heart of Rome, where the opera has its temples and where you can rest in one of its many lovely parks. The journey continues with a bike ride, a walk along the Appian Way or a sea escapade in Ostia, where the beauty of the Roman countryside meets the relaxed vibe of the coast. Finally it led to the city’s most elegant streets, where you can indulge in a little shopping among exclusive boutiques, craft shops and the best Made in Italy products.

Rome is eternal, but it is never the same. In 2017 we will present our new cultural and tourism policy which will be able to satisfy all tastes and needs. We are working to promote alternative tourist routes and for the (re) discovery of unusual and unfamiliar places. Tourism is something we need to defend and develop: it creates jobs, it produces culture.

Therefore every information and dissemination tool is a crucial resource. I wish the pages of Check in Rome to be as rich as the boundless heritage of our city. The goal is unique: being able to capture the hearts of tourists and welcome them to the Eternal City in the best possibile way.

Adriano Meloni,
Councilor for Economic Development, Tourism and Labour of the municipality of Rome]

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