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ongoing until November 25

Museo di Roma – piazza Navona, 2 (Palazzo Braschi). Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm – full price ticket museum + exhibition € 9.50, reduced price ticket € 7.50 – combo ticket museum + De Vico exhibition + Canaletto exhibition €  17, reduced price ticket € 13

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The Capital’s tribute to Raffaele De Vico (1881-1969), one of its most important 20th century architects and landscape designers. A unique exhibition that revisits his achievements while working for the Municipal Administration, which marked the history of Rome’s public green spaces in the first half of the last century. From Villa Borghese (for twenty years starting from 1917) to the Parco della Rimembranza at Villa Glori (1923-1924); from projects for the parks in Flaminio (1924), Colle Oppio (1926-1927) and Testaccio (1931) to those at Ostia Antica (1929-1930), Santa Sabina on Aventine Hill (1931), Castel Fusano (1932-1937) and Cestio (1938). From the gardens of Villa Caffarelli (1925), Villa Fiorelli (1930-1931) and Villa Paganini (1934), to Parco degli Scipioni (1929) and Parco Nemorense (1930); from the projects to design the gardens in the former Via dell’Impero and Via Alessandrina (1933), to his involvement in creating the arboreal exedrae in Piazza Venezia (1931) and the elegant “garden-fountain” in Piazza Mazzini (1925-1926), right through to the grandiose projects for the “Dantean” park on Monte Malo (now Monte Mario, 1951) and the gardens in the EUR district (1955-1961). Not to mention the open-air theatre at Villa Celimontana (1926), the enlargement of the Zoological Garden (1928) and the restructuring of the nursery and greenhouses at San Sisto Vecchio (1926-1927).

Almost 100 exhibits, ranging from drawings, plans, photographs and archive documents, some of which have never been exhibited before or have not been seen for a long time, all on loan from the Capitoline collections at the Museum of Rome in Palazzo Braschi, the Modern Art Gallery and the Pietro Canonica Museum at Villa Borghese, and from the municipal archives, in particular the Capitoline Archive, to which Raffaele De Vico’s heirs donated part of his personal archive collection.

Alongside this long list of projects and achievements, which are representative of the quality, professional variety and operational expertise of Raffaele de Vico’s work – beyond his draughtsmanship – there are also works of art by his friend Carlo Montani (1868-1936), with the exhibition of several of his oil paintings on wood panels, purchased by the Governorate in 1936 and preserved in the Museum of Rome. These paintings document the effect of the creation and transformation of the Roman public parks and gardens attributed to the Abruzzian architect. The exhibition chronologically retraces Raffaele de Vico’s works, with the specific objective of contextualising his creations and projects in terms of social and urban changes in the first half of the 20th century, focusing on certain aspects of his works that can still be seen in the city today.

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