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Until May, 26

Palazzo delle Esposizioni – via Milano, 9/A (Sala Cinema)

Tel. 06 39967500  |   

Now in its seventh year, A Qualcuno Piace Classico is the film program that shows 35mm copies of masterpieces and rare gems of Cinema history at Palazzo delle Esposizioni’s cinema theater. As usual, entrance is free while seats last. From October 24th, 2017, to May 29th, 2018, cinephiles will be delighted by a parade of masterworks by Kurosawa, Renoir, Eisenstein, Lubitsch, Ford, Losey, just to name a few directors whose film not only haven’t given an inch away in terms of cinematic power, but often are more modern than many of the latest works of contemporary filmmakers.

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Director Stefano Zerbi - Editing: Valeria De Mitri Pugno