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Villa Torlonia – via Spallanzani, 1/A (Villino Medioevale). Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm – full price ticket € 8, reduced price ticket € 7 (for a single activity)

Tel. 06 0608  |         

Occupying a 20th-century medieval house in Villa Torlonia’s lush gardens, Technotown is a multimedia playhouse with fun and educational interactive exhibits covering new technologies like robotics, special effects and 3D photography. Highlights include Sbong!, a virtual ball game, and Adventures in 3D, where visitors get to experience a tsunami in three dimensions before going on a 3D space trip in which challenges include flying between the rings of Saturn and avoiding falling into a black hole. The three-dimensional antics continue at Scultorobot – an imaging device that can take a photo, rotate it to show it in profile and finally sculpt it in polystyrene. Visitors are also given the chance to get hands-on experience with new materials, such as metals with memory and elastic foam, before finding out how to make superheroes fly and magicians disappear on a virtual film set.

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