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A second wing of the Stadium of Domitian opens in Piazza Navona

A second wing of the Stadium of Domitian, the imposing archaeological site located 4.5 meters below the surface of the Piazza Navona, finally opens to the public. This new space (lying under the building of the École Française de Rome) extends the cultural offerings of the Stadium, listed by Unesco as a world heritage site. The whole area, known for its large areas decorated with arches and stairways, is deeply interesting for those who want to discover more about the “layered history” of the square.

Thanks to recent excavations, the site clearly illustrates everyday life through the centuries (ceramics from a Renaissance dump and ways of dining and cooking). The Stadium of Domitian is the most unique example of a masonry stadium outside Greece and the countries of the East. It was built in 86 A.D. to host the Certamen Capitolino Iovi, a major competition inspired by the Greek Olympic Games which took place every five years. Its name derives from “stadion”, a unit of measurement equal to 600 ft (around 180 metres) which was the length of the running track inside the arena.

The Stadium was built to bring to Rome the Greek competitions appreciated by Domitian but little loved by the Romans, who considered them unmanly because of the lack of violence, being a heterogeneous set of sporting and artistic disciplines where clothing was scant and considered rather lascivious. A visionary project aimed at trying to “Romanize” the Greek Olympic Games

  • admission to the main area:  every day from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Full price ticket € 8 – reduced price ticket € 6   (audio-guide included)
  • admission to the École Française area: by reservation only

Stadio di Domiziano – via di Tor Sanguigna, 3. Tel. (+39) 06 45686100  |     

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