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Julius Caesar had a natural flair for oratory, but his ambition led him to politics through weapons. He had a beautiful and flawless speech, a solemn voice, noble gestures and a calm demeanor. He never hid his tyrannical disposition, expressed through his thoughts and political actions.

When I notice how carefully arranged his hair is and when I watch him adjusting the parting with one finger, I cannot imagine that this man could conceive of such a wicked thing as to destroy the Roman constitution” Marcus Tullius Cicero said. Legend has it that Julius Caesar was rather tall, with very light skin and well-shaped limbs. He had a round face, two black and vivid eyes, a wide forehead, a hawk’s dazzling gaze. He was noble looking, with a vibrant voice and a healthy constitution although in his old age he happened to faint frequently.

Twice, during the action, he suffered epileptic seizures. He had an obsessive attention to appearance: he cut his hair regularly, he loved depilation but did not stand his baldness which was repeatedly exposed to jokes and gags. For this reason he used to have his hair tied in front of his face; he didn’t accept honors from the people and from the Roman senate except for his desire to always wear a laurel wreath. Skilled in using weapons and in horsemanship, he had an incredible ability to withstand fatigue. He founded the military genius, giving importance to the role of Engineers for a better preparation of the battlefield.

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