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Until November, 3

Foro di Traiano – piazza del Foro di Traiano (in prossimità della Colonna Traiana)
Foro di Augusto – via Alessandrina (lato Largo Corrado Ricci)

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The magic of ancient Rome is rekindled in the Imperial Forums: from April, 17 to November, 3 2019, Travels back to Ancient Rome returns. 2 stories and 2 paths, the extraordinary project that, by the means of two exciting and innovative multimedia shows, narrates and brings back to life the history of the Forum of Caesar and the Forum of Augustus. An exciting representation – histor-ically and scientifically meticulous – reconstructs the two places as they appeared in ancient times, through magnificent films, projections and audio-guides in eight languages, accompanied by Piero Angela’s voiceovers, creator of the project together with Paco Lanciano. From the still visible marbles, to the gigantic 12-meters-tall statue, a spectacular multi-projection of lights, images, films and animations –perfectly visible from the stands set up along Via Alessandrina – recounts the story of the emperor as well as of ancient metropolis, then the capital of the economy, law, power and entertainment.
The Forum of Caesar – accessible through the underground gallery of the Imperial Forums – hosts a traveling show. Reconstructions and films, together with the history of the excavations carried out between 1924 and 1932 on the occasion of the construction of Via dell’Impero (nowadays Via dei Fori Imperiali), recall the majestic Temple of Venus, the tabernae, the Curia. A full experience of everyday life in ancient Rome, when the Forum was the very heart of the city, ruled by the intelligent, ambitious and feared Caesar.
Promoted by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Growth – Capitolina Superintendency for Cul-tural Heritage and produced by Zètema Culture Project, Journeys in Ancient Rome represent a real walk through history to relive the grandeur and splendor of Imperial Rome.

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