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From 1° to 8 March

Teatro dell’Opera di Roma – Piazza Beniamino Gigli

Tel. 06 481601 |

Il Corsaro, ballet based on the epic poem by Lord Byron, is staged at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, with the new choreography by José Carlos Martínez, staged by Francesco Zito and lights by Vinicio Cheli.Characterized by an adventurous and passionate plot, the work focuses on the corsair Conrad, an anti-hero accustomed to living with his moral rules and his idea of ​​justice, until fate puts him to the test.Among the extraordinary interpreters we mention: Maia Makhateli, Olesja Novikova, Rebecca Bianchi, Leonid Sarafanov, Alessio Rezza.


Published by Markonet Piazza Navona 45, 00186 Roma - Partita IVA: 12528191005 -

Rome Tribunal Registration no. 56 del 23.03.17

Director Stefano Zerbi - Editing: Valeria De Mitri Pugno