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August 4

The tour starts at 11:00 am in largo Carlo Goldoni. Calendar of the animated walking tour: Monday May 1, Sunday May 7, Sunday Many 14, Sunday May 21, Sunday May 28 – admission fee € 10, children aged 6-12 € 6, free admission for children under the age of 5. Advance booking is required

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Giacomo Casanova is certainly one of the greatest seducers of all time: countless women felt in love with him, including some of the world’s most beautiful, powerful and intelligent young ladies. The Italian adventurer associated with the most famous and influential personalities of his time such as Voltaire, Mozart, Frederick II of Prussia, Catherine II of Russia, Rousseau, Madame de Pompadour…

In the context of an Enlightened and Masonic Rome, his incredible talent and his positive magic full of esoteric and alchemical rites still surround this mysterious and charming historical figure. The animated walking tour starts in Largo Goldoni, leading participants to Via Condotti through the Eighteenth-century district of the city dotted by the early cafés where the famous Venetian latin lover came into contact with vice, corruption and extreme ambitions. The fairy-tale itinerary goes on with a visit to the Spanish Steps, via Due Macelli and the Trevi Fountain, where participants will get to know more about the protean nature of one of the most important symbols of Eighteenth-century Europe. Written and directed by Michele Di Zenzo.

Actors and characters appearing during the tour:

    a French aristocrat and eccentric widow, with a passion for the occult and alchemy, to whom Casanova promised the elixir of eternal youth
    Spanish ambassador and counselor of the Pope, who took Casanova as his secretary to offer him protection
    a brilliant and Enlightened man, alchemist and wizard, the greatest seducer of all time
    the greatest love of Casanova by his own admission

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