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Until march, 19 2020

SET – Spazio Eventi Tirso – Via Tirso, 14. Adults € 15.00, reduced € 8.00

Tel. 388 8507930 |

An artist is a dreamer, a visionary who knows how express what other people cannot see. Then. there are artists who become icons, and Frida Kahlo – a strong and determined woman, a Mexican and worldwide symbol – has left more than a memory of herself. Her works still exude the very essence of her soul. Beyond the masterful brushstrokes, it seems that in every work her deepest thoughts have remained imprisoned. The exhibition aims to celebrate the woman and the artist. “Chaos within” is a photographic and interactive journey, with a strong sensory impact, tracing back Frida Kahlo’s personal, artistic and creative life by the means of multimedia. The thematic routes allow visitors to fully immerse into the world of Frida, as well as to get access to the sections dedicated each to a selection of her works. A new way to deepen the knowledge of the Mexican artist with the contribution thanks to original contents inquiring the artist’s relationship with the body, her relations with politics, and finally analyzing the true and deep value of an artistic production going far beyond the pop legend. In addition to the works of art proposed in the Modlight format, the Collection also presents hundreds of personal pics, portraits, letters, diary pages, clothes, jewelery, movies dedicated to her art and work, as well as the reconstruction of her dwelling, like her home in Mexico City. Casa Azul – now hosting a museum dedicated to her – was Frida’s childhood home, which she inhabited, first with her family and, later, with her husband Diego Rivera. The exhibition is conceived as a path whose fundamental stages find correspondence in the most significant events that marked the artist’s life. Visitors will have the chance to discover the development of Kahlo’s creative style as a painter, as well as the health complications she suffered all life long; her great political and social passion as well as her love affairs. “Chaos within” takes the visitors into the transgressive world of Frida Kahlo, leading them in the farthest corners of her obsessions and symbolism; a complex universe where pain and ecstasy meet, creating the soil on which her fascinating production blooms.
Since my subjects have always been my feelings, my mental states and the profound reactions that life has produced in me, I have frequently objectified all this in images of myself, which were the most sincere thing that I could do to express what I felt inside and outside of me” (Frida Kahlo).

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Director Stefano Zerbi - Editing: Valeria De Mitri Pugno