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Epiphany Festival in Piazza Navona: a special way to celebrate the Christmas season

Designed for children and families, the traditional festival of Rome’s Epiphany returns to enliven the heart of the Capital. Scheduled until January 6, 2018 the programme includes cultural-educational games, didactics, socio-educational, creative and solidarity initiatives. This year’s event is enriched with proposals that adds technological avantgarde in support of the tradition of Christmas (such as the innovation applied to craftsmanship), in order to help visitors experience the creative spirit of the festivity. The occasion is buffered by musical, theatrical exhibitions and concerts.

The Epiphany Festival is an occasion to enjoy the beauty of one of the most admired squares in the world, site of the Church of St. Agnes in Agone, designed by Borromini, the splendid Fountain of the Four Rivers, sculpted by Bernini and the historic palace of the French School, beneath which the excavation of antique vestiges from the monumental stadium for athletic games developed by Emperor Domitian have been discovered. Recently restored, the archaeological site (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) uncovered important finds from antique Rome which have been evaluated and made accessible to citizens and tourists.

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