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Explora – via Flaminia, 80/86. Calendar of the activities: Tuesday-Sunday at 10:00 am, 12:00 noon, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – amission included in the admission fee to the museum

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Starting October 13, Explora – The Children’s Museum plays host to Economiamo, let’s save: earn and save, donate and invest, economy has never been that fun!, a new exhibition on economic education for children aged 6-11.  Conceived in co-operation with Fondazione per l’Educazione finanziaria e al risparmio, BNL GRUPPO BNP PARIBAS, IBI LORENZINI, TOYOTA MOTOR ITALIA, the programme helps children learn Economics and how to use money consciously through simulated working activities in the fields of research and development, sustainable mobility, environment, innovation and digital technologies, citizenship and society as well as earnings-expenditure-savings process management.

The exhibition includes 10 interactive stations:

  • Sign up, to choose your own avatar and create your Account Card
  • Bank, to become familiar with a sensible and conscious use of money

Four stations to learn working activities in fields such as mechanics, microbiology, logistics and coding:

  • Auto Repair Shop, a station equipped with a car to help children understand how a “clean” energy such as in a hybrid system works: Test Driver, where children can make a driving test to use both engines – electric and thermal – as well as the kinetic energy from the moving wheels that would go wasted otherwise; Checking Tyre Pressure, to inflate tyres properly to ensure safety; Getting Fuel and Checking Fluid Levels, to check fuel, engine oil, and coolant fluid
  • Research allows children to take a virtual journey into the microbiology world, and helps them tell the difference between good and bad bacteria and learn, through play, important concepts about the use of antibiotics. It’s a challenge the microbiologist-child will be facing to defeat a bacterium
  • Coding is focused on new digital technologies. Children can turn into junior or expert programmers and create an animation out of an exact sequence of code blocks, and learn about the logic behind programming
  • Logistics, a station to have fun with delivering parcels reliably, on time, and fast, complying with road traffic rules and avoiding violations while driving

Three more buying and earnings stations:

  • Sport, the station to train body and mind through rowing
  • Music, where children can learn how to play their first notes
  • Leisure Time to have fun and play a table football match

Four more touch stations for Educators, Teachers and Parent to get insights into important topics:

  • Sustainable Mobility, to understand how to reduce environmental, social, and economic impacts generated by private vehicles and how to keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees by 2050 as provided for by the European Union (cutting transport emissions by 60% compared with 1990 levels) Carbon dioxide emissions (in collaboration with Toyota Motor Italia)
  • Microorganisms, Bacteria and Antimicrobial resistance, to get children know – with the help of teachers and parents – how important good bacteria are for our healthto be in the human body, and teach them how to defeat bad bacteria through a correct behaviour and prevent antimicrobial resistance from developing
  • A sensible and conscious use of money: giving our children a good financial education is important to raise them consciously, help them become financially responsible people, as well as understanding better our daily life, our country, our family (in collaboration with Bnl Gruppo Bnp Paribus)
  • Economic and Financial Education: video clips on financial education and on the meaning of some economic terms often used by communication media – spread, rating, inflation, but also human capital and globalization – and sometimes not even understood by adults; (in collaboration with FEDUF Fondazione per l’Educazione Finanziaria e al Risparmio)

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Rome Tribunal Registration no. 56 del 23.03.17

Director Stefano Zerbi - Editing: Valeria De Mitri Pugno


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