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Permanent exhibition

Civic Museum of Zoology – via Ulisse Aldrovandi, 18 (Sala della Balena)

Tel.  06 67109270  | 

The evocative exhibition set up by the Civic Museum of Zoology reproduces the coral reef of the Red Sea, rich in biodiversity, hosting an extremely high percentage of endemic species. A realistic diorama, enhanced with interactive tools, will lead young visitors to discover this immense richness inhabited by colorful fishes, turtles, hedgehogs and starfish, molluscs and crustaceans with amazing and colorful shapes.

Published by Markonet Piazza Navona 45, 00186 Roma - Partita IVA: 12528191005 -

Rome Tribunal Registration no. 56 del 23.03.17

Director Stefano Zerbi - Editing: Valeria De Mitri Pugno