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Fino al 27 ottobre

Museo dell’Ara Pacis – lungotevere in Augusta. Tutti i giorni ore 9.30 – 19.30. Full price € 11.00, reduced € 9.00. 

Tel. 06 0608  |

The Ara Pacis Museum hosts a magnificent exhibition dedicated to the controversial Roman emperor. The display path tells the story of Claudius’ life and controversial kingdom, from his birth in Lyon in 10 BC, until his death in Rome in 54 AD, highlighting his personality, his political and administrative work; the connections with Augustus and his famous brother Germanicus; the tragic relationship with his wives Messalina and Agrippina, as well as the imperial Roman court scenario and the debatable events that marked the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

Crowned in 41 AD, at the age of fifty, after the suspicious death of Germanicus, the legitimate heir of Augustus, and the assassination of Caligula, Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus became, after a long political-economic negotiation, the first emperor elected by acclamation by a military division, the praetorians.

Supported by the updated researches of historians and archaeologists, it depicts a Claudius slightly different from the obscure and unflattering sovereign described by ancient authors, rendering the image of a caring emperor, willing and able to promote useful economic reforms and large public works, contributing with his legislation to the administrative development of the Empire. An original set-up, made by images and vision and sound suggestions – in which the personae of the narration are also the main characters animating the installations – turns the visit into an engaging experience.

The exhibition boasts important international and national loans, displaying as well restored pieces from the Civic Museums Antiquarium Celio System, the Museum of Roman Civilization and the Museum of Rome. Among these, works of art of absolute value and of extraordinary historical and archaeological interest: from the “Tabula Claudiana”, with the fampous speech delivered in 48 AD, to the precious cameo with a portrait of Emperor Claudius from the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienne, up to the small but suggestive gilded bronze portrait of Agrippina Minor, from Alba Fucens, loaned by the Superintendent of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Abruzzo. For the first time is exhibited also the portrait of Germanicus of the Sorgente Group Foundation, an important work celebrating the young and beloved prince struck by an adverse destiny.

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