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Rome embraces Fernando Botero’s masterpieces

The monumental Complesso del Vittoriano – Ala Brasini plays host to Italy’s first major retrospective dedicated to the work of Fernando Botero, the Colombian artist popular throughout the world for his unmistakable pictorial language which depicts people in exaggerated sizes. Thanks to a selection of masterpieces from all over the world, the exhibition traces more than fifty years in the artist’s career from 1958 to 2016, introducing visitors to a dreamlike and fairy-tale dimension populated with sensual shapes and extravagant figures.

The protagonists of Botero’s works – men, animals, lush greenery painted in vibrant colours – are always devoid of all recognizable moods. Card players, circus people, bishops, matadors, female nudes: when it comes to portraying a new subject, the artist does not express any judgment. In his paintings the moral and psychological dimension disappears and any everyday life situation looks atypical in its apparent obviousness.

For Botero painting arises from an inner necessity, like an incessant search for perfection that can never be reached. Emblematic of his poetics are figures of abundant shapes characterized by a redundant and original style accentuating volume and three-dimensional plasticity. “Since day one I have had a great interest in volume, in this sensuality that delights the eye. A painting is a rhythm of colored volumes where images take on a pretextual role“, said the artist. Stateless, yet tied to the culture of his homeland, Botero was decades ahead of the current global vision of art without fences or boundaries, art that can be interpreted and appreciated at any place and time. We can appreciate the repeated references to classicism in an absolutely contemporary vision that also reflects on politics and society. His painting does not fit into a genre, though it speaks through figuration, but invents its own autonomous genre around which the Colombian painter developed his art during a career lasting more than half a century.

The exhibition devoted to Botero runs until August 28th, 2017 and is open every day. The cost of the full price ticket is € 12 (general admission +audioguide) while the combo ticket Botero + Boldini costs € 20 (available only onsite and valid for admission to both exhibitions).

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