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Among the Roman emperors, Augustus is remembered for his remarkable beauty. Although being indifferent to any form of personal attention, he was a very handsome man for almost every phase of his life. He did not care much about hair care: he had his hair done by several hairdressers (that was done hurriedly), his beard used to be cut or shaved while he was writing or reading something. When he spoke or when he was silent, his face was always relaxed and peaceful, with two magnetic eyes.

His charm made people forget his slender physique, his charisma was stronger than his poor health. His garments covered the skin ruined by many scabs due to his habit of scratching with a spatula. Augustus walked with difficulty – sometimes to the point of limping – because of his bones weakness; he used to reinforce them with wood and strings. He did not wash himself very frequently, preferring the sea water and spa treatments. His intelligence and his ability to perceive people and interpret the events had no equal in the history of Rome.

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