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Picasso’s Cubist and Classical masterpieces on display at the Scuderie del Quirinale

A hundred years after the famous trip that led a young Pablo Picasso to Italy, the Scuderie del Quirinale (Quirinal Stables) celebrate the legendary Spanish painter with a world-class exhibition scheduled for opening on September 22. The event follows in the footsteps of last spring’s celebrations of the artist’s “Grand Tour” through the Italian territory: in Rome, Picasso discovered the sublime art of Raffaello, in Naples he came in contact with the Hercules Farnese and the Antinous preserved in the local Archaeological Museum, not to mention the artistic impact that the mysterious charm of Pompeii’s frescoes exerted upon him. The whole exhibition is built around this emotional background, with a special focus on the technique of pastiche used by Picasso to express his Modernisme, one of the most original and extraordinary movements in the history of modern art, suspended between realism and abstraction.

The exhibition will also illustrate the experiments conducted by Picasso with different styles and genres – from the game of decorative surfaces using the technique of collage during the Great War to the stylised realism of the “Diaghilev years”, from still life to portraiture – with the aim to document the long-term impact of the so called Italian experience on his artistic training, as witnessed by many works of classical derivation carried out during the period following that trip.

More than 100 stunning masterpieces will be on display, including “Portrait of Olga in an Armchair” (1917), “Léonide Massine as Harlequin” (1917), “Guitar, Bottle, Fruit dish and Glass on the Table” (1919), “Two Women Running on the Beach” (1922), “The Pipes of Pan” (1923), “Saltimbanque Seated with Arms Crossed” (1923) and “Harlequin with a Mirror” (1923). The centerpiece of the exhibition will be the huge stage curtain measuring over 34 feet by 54 feet created for the avant-garde ballet “Parade” in 1917, on permanent show at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Due to its size, the impressive work of art will not be exhibited at the Scuderie del Quirinale but at the nearby Palazzo Barberini, under the frescoed vaults of Pietro da Cortona (tel. 06 4814591 –

“PICASSO. Between Cubism and Classicism: 1915-1925”

Scuderie del Quirinale – via XXIV Maggio, 16

running until January 21, 2018 – full price ticket € 15, reduced price ticket € 13

Tel. (+39) 06 39967500  |

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