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A major exhibit celebrates 1,900 years since the death of Roman Emperor Trajan

The ancient Trajan’s Market plays host to an unrivaled event celebrating the 1900 year-anniversary since the death of Marco Ulpio Nerva Traiano. A successful soldier who presided over the greatest military expansion in Roman history, Trajan led the Empire to attain its maximum territorial extent by the time of his death.

The “tale” told by the “Trajan. Building the Empire, creating Europe” exhibition develops around statues, portraits, architectural decorations, casts of Trajan’s Column, gold and silver coins, scale models, 3-D reprocessed works and film clips: a challenge to dive into the grand story of the Emperor and the stories of those who made it possible.

Divided into 7 sections, the display illustrates the glorious history of the Ancient Roman Empire with unprecedented augmented reality effects. Thanks to state-of-the-art immersive technology and innovative storytelling methods, visitors will find themselves completely immersed in Trajan’s world. The Emperor’s ghost interpreted by an actor will present the life of the “Optimus Princeps” (a Latin term to indicate the best among emperors), while the fragrance, flower petals and the roaring of the crowd will offer the same sensations experienced by the Ancient Romans during a triumph. Be prepared for a vibrant symphony of light, color and sound, combined and amplified to create what visitors are calling “an unforgettable multi-sensory experience”.

Check in Rome - a project by Markonet in cooperation with Aeroporti di Roma and Codacons | director: Stefano Zerbi